Ladakh is a region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Laddakh is the largest district of Jammu and Kashmir as well as India. Total population size is 274289 as per the available of statistics of 2011.
It is an ideal spot for paragliding, mountaineering, trekking and even skiing. The Ladakhis are sportsmen and archery contests are frequently arranged at the village level.

Best Attraction Places

Many admirable places to experience are


Leh is a town in the Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir. Leh district cover an area of 45,110 km2.It is the second most expensive district of india. It is the capital of Laddakh. But it is among the least populated city of India Leh has a cold desert climate winters from November to early March, with minimum temperatures. Most of the part of Leh become freeze with white snow. It also the let the experience of Snowfall. The minimum temperature was recorded at −28.3 °C during winter and

Religious harmony also found here. A majority of Buddhist people are exist  in large numbers followed by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.The barren brownish gray mountains gives a mystic charm to the environment.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Ladakh is between the months of April and September. This is the time when Ladakh experiences sunny days and the temperature maintains between 20°C to 30°C. The views are bright and clear, and the nights are very pleasant. In the summer the roads towards Ladakh, Srinagar-Leh Highway and the Manali-Leh Highway become visible and use full for bike and jeep riders. Ladakh is visited by tourists and trekkers during this time. Apart from sightseeing, one can be a part of adventure activities. The rains are occasional. From November to March, the place experiences heavy snowfall and becomes irreproachable by road. However, during the winter months, Ladakh can be reach by air and can be visited by a trekking enthusiasts and it is popular for winter treks. The temperature goes down to below 0°C many time and the weather is extremely cold.


How to Reach

By Air
To reach Leh Laddakh by Plane Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport of Leh is the main airport. This airport is connected to Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar .

By Road

First Approach- Srinagar to Leh
The first route is reaching Ladakh from Kashmir Valley through Kargil. This route remains open from the starting of June till November.
Zoji La pass, is a gateway to Ladakh. Budget and deluxe buses are run by Jammu & Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation between Srinagar and Leh. Hiring a car, a jeep or a taxi from Srinagar.

Anyone may opt for this option
If you are traveling in groups then hiring a bus for Kargil, Leh, and Padum from Jammu & Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation at Srinagar.

Second Approach-Manali to Leh
Manali-Leh road remains open from mid-June to early October. This road takes you via the desert plateau of Rupsho. A number of magnificent high passes fall on this route. Ordinary and deluxe buses run between Manali and Leh every day and are managed by Himachal Pradesh Tourism and Jammu & Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation. This journey is of around 2 days with night camping in Serchu and Pang. Another option is to hire a jeep or a Gypsy.

Distances by Road
• Delhi to Leh: 1047 Km
• Srinagar to Kargil: 204 Km
• Srinagar to Leh: 434 Km
• Manali to Leh: 473 Km
• Leh to Kargil: 234 Km
• Leh to Deskit (Nubra Valley): 118 Km
• Kargil to Padum (Zanskar): 240 Km

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