Kashmir is northern state of India. It is popular for its natural beauty and charm all over the world.

Kashmir is also honoured as the Paradise of the World. Lots of peoples use to says that “If heaven is in world anywhere it is in Kashmir”. Its total area covered 222,236 km². Its total population size is 12.55 million as per the available statistics of 2011. capital is Jammu in winter season and Sirnagar in summer.

It also referred as the ‘Switzerland.

Kashmir lures tourist through its magnificent natural beauty, Snow- capped mountain, lush  green garden, panaromic view of the high peak mountains, chinar forests, waterfalls.

A famous Dal Lake which become freeze in winter season. Many local peoples and tourist visit at Dal lake to enjoy the winter season and sports activites.


A majiority of people of Kashmir are popularly known as Kashmiris. Most of the Kashmiris are Muslims, followed by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians.

Kashmir is also popular for its  love towards dance and music, and marriages, festivals and other occassion. The ancient caves and temples of Kashmir reveal that a strong link existed between Kashmir and South Indian culture. The classical folk dances of the south is  also famous.

Leh Laddakha is the largest district of Jammu and Kashmir which is spread about 45110 Sq Km. It is the largest district of India in terms of area.

Some tourists are attracts by Houseboats.

Best time to Visit Kashmir

Commonly Kashmir is a cyclic tourist destination. The best time to visit from March to October. During these months weather remains pleasant and perfect for adventures, vacation and Holidays. Kashmir are popular for its colorful gardens, Chirping birds, Rivers and panaromic views of mountains.

From March to October Nature let the experience of three weather. Spring which stretch from March to early May. From early May to Late August the summer comes its full zeal. Autumn start from September and stretch to November. Adventuror who are excited for activities like Rafting, horse riding an Golf can experience in these month.

Winter season start from Decembe and ends in March. It is the time when valley covered with a white snow. The temperature slip down. Weather become chill. In the winter the ideal place to visit is Gulmarg and best time for Skiing and Snowboarding.

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